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Live Testimonial

"The 2 siblings are always excited to meet Jessie. They roll about and look forward to play time. They are very well taken care of, including the house and plants."

- Laura

Ninja is a big guy and demands a lot of attention. He gets a lot of exercise through play time, and brushing helps him relax. He is always happy when I return from my trips."

- Amanda

"Both my darlings adore and look forward to Jessie's attention as they love lots of brushing, massages and cuddles. None of my friends were able to carry them except Jessie & myself. I always feel relaxed coming home to a clean house as my cats leave clusters of hair everyday."

- Audrey

"We are pleased that we have found you for our golden retriever. I feel totally relaxed knowing our house keys are in safe hands. I highly recommend them if you are looking for someone who loves dogs."

- Stephen Cranwell

"I highly recommend them. Caring, honest and someone who loves dogs and knows how to work with them well."

- Susan Wong

"During our recent move to Singapore, I was thrilled to find this service to walk my dobermans on a daily basis. I feel confident and relaxed at work as you kept us informed on how my dogs, and my dogs respond and helped transitioned them into their new home."

- Scott Dickson

"She really shows great concern for my cat. fishes and plants. When I return from my long summer holidays, everything was in order and my cat was happy and healthy. Frequent updates give me comfort while I'm far away, knowing all is well at home."

- Esther

"Thank you so very much for your reliable, trustworthy service and we appreciate you being able to accomodate last minute requests. A professional and caring dogwalker."

- Scott Lundgreen

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your steadfast quality service for over the past 6 months."

- Anthony Mette